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Gopal Bhargava
Minister for Panchayat and Rural Development Gov. M.P.
                         National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme - Madhya Pradesh has helped the rural families protect their livelihoods. It was made posssible due to advance planning at all levels. Employment in rural areas is easily available now. The assets created thorough these jobs will serve as a source of sustainable livelilhoods. People are deamanding health and educational services due to increased purchasing capacity. Convergence with other government schemes has doubled the impact of NREGS-MP, which is now regarded as a model. NREGS-MP is also begining to have a positive impact on agriculture productivity. The creation of "green jobs" as well as taking up of activities like afforestation and plantation is leading to regeneration of the environment.

Dev Singh Saiyyam
Minister of State for Panchayat and Rural Development,
Gov. M.P.
                        The NREGS-MP has Undoubtedly improved the livelihood profile of the rural families. The instrumental role of Panchayat Raj Institutions has done wonders ensuring faster development while strengtheining the local governance systems. Water conservation works and plantations have been taken up in lagrge number. The provision of irrigation facilities to the needy has brought a huge positive change in their lives. The disadvantaged IMPORTANT LINKS of soci ety lilke womenthe diabled and the old have found access to safe employment on NREGS-MP worksites.
NREGS-MP is helping village communities in improving their lives.

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